Pink Floyd Fearless. Probably one of the first 10 songs I arranged for Fingerstyle guitar over two decades ago. I never for a second considered playing it in an open tuning, a lot of people seem to. I guess that's possibly how Gilmour played it, I never investigated. It works absolutely fine in standard.  I love Meddle, quite possibly my favorite Floyd album. And for sure Echoes is my favorite Floyd song of all time. I suppose it's a bit of an obscure song by if you know it you like it.


Green Day Good Riddance. Certainly not my typical choice of song but there is quite a lengthy backstory, if you're at all interested read on.  I started taking classical lessons when I was eight and continued until about fourteen, when I discovered heavy metal.  I didn't pick up an acoustic guitar again for about two decades. In 1998 I was giving lessons and this Green Day song was super popular that summer. Everybody wanted to know how to play it. One day sitting in my studio waiting for a student to show up I kind of accidentally started playing part of the melody along with the chords., something I hadn't done since my classical days. I was surprised how well it work and how much more I enjoyed the song that way. I quickly put that song  aside and started working on Black Sabbath Snowblind and my fingerstyle journey had begun.


Pink Floyd Mother. More Gilmour brilliance on acoustic here. I made a conscious choice ofraising the Waters vocal up an octave as it was hard to make it work how low it is. It would end up being on the low bass strings and interfere with the guitar part.. I kept the Gilmour vocal where it was.  It definitely works to my ears at least. Incorporated the guitar solo into the chords by dropping that an octave as well. Have fun!


Allman brothers Melissa. What an awesome song. I definitely modeled my version after the acoustic version they did. Look it up on YouTube if you haven't seen it, Dickie Betts and  Warren Haynes on guitar. Betts was such a badass.

It's a considerably slower version than the album one. Feel free to play it slow, play it faster, strum the chords more aggressively than I do, make it your own. I'd like to think I'm just supplying you with a template that you can personalize to your own tastes.

The Cmaj7/G chord is absolutely sublime in this song. Definitely a highlight for me.


While David Gilmour is mostly known as an electric guitarist, he certainly wrote some amazing acoustic pieces as well. Today's song, Goodbye Blue Sky is a prime example. A relatively simple piece in drop D tuning, quiet yet powerful at the same time. It's also very unique as well, I can't think of another song to compare it to as far as the guitar part goes.


Today’s song is I Melt With You by Modern English. Another 80's song that didn’t much appeal to me back in the day, but makes for a nice standalone fingerstyle piece. It’s a pretty easy arrangement to play, mostly C and F chords. I have no idea why, but I always get these guys confused with The Psychedelic Furs. Which reminds me to put Ghost In You on my future tabs list… That’s a great one. Happy new year everyone. See you tomorrow.     



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